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Building my Local Mortgage Broker Team

In the early days of running my own mortgage broker business, it’s natural to try to do as much as possible myself. It’s the most cost-effective, comfortable, sensible way to do things in the beginning. But as my mortgage brokerage services and clients grow, I found myself stretched thinner and thinner. Eventually, I found out that I just can’t continue to oversee operations and sales and fulfillment and marketing–and hope to continue to grow my mortgage services to my current and future clients.

Being a Mortgage Loan Officer/Broker, providing more and better mortgage products and services to all my current and future clients is getting harder for me, as I cant accommodate all my clients at once. As my mortgage broker business grows, I created a local mortgage broker Team that will help me provide smooth, efficient, and productive services to all our clients.

The Financial Suit Team of NEXA Mortgage

Financial Suit LLC under NEXA Mortgage LLC Brokerage is a new local mortgage broker company that provides a high level of mortgage expertise. We will provide superior personal service to home buyers and real estate investors in Texas and Nationwide. We take pride in knowing that 95% of our business comes from repeat clients and their referrals.

Our responsibility as mortgage professionals is to determine what a customer’s financial goals are, not just quote a rate. We have access to hundreds of loan programs, allowing us to arrange the most beneficial solution… whatever the buyer’s needs may be.

Our personal goal is to break through the barriers that impede homeownership & real estate investment for those who wish to realize the American Dream. We provide potential and current homeowners and real estate investors as borrowers with the opportunity to find the best mortgage loan program for their needs.

We match & qualify home buyers and owners to loan programs. We have an extensive questionnaire for these borrowers to list their wants and needs. We then take this questionnaire and put the supplied information to match buyers/owners and qualify them to the loan packages matching their criteria & qualifications.

And as the face of my local brokerage business, I ensure that all the members of my team are trained to the highest standards. I am very proud to have these great people on my team, providing great customer service to YOU! As the owner of my local business – Financial Suit brokering with NEXA Mortgage LLC (Mortgage Brokerage Company), I named my team – The Financial Suit Team. I will be announcing the members of my team soon.

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Financial Suit LLC
Phong Truong – NMLS #1755092
Business Address: 13100 Wortham Center Dr, Suite 300, Houston, TX 77065
Branch License # 2106227
NEXA Mortgage LLC – NMLS #1660690
Company State License #: AZMB – 0944059
Corporate: 3100 W Ray Rd STE 201 Office # 209, Chandler AZ 85226