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DIY October Weekend Projects for Your Home

Knock out these must-do October home projects in just a couple of weekends and enjoy care-free living all winter long. Clean Gutters Clogged and overflowing gutters can create a drainage problem over the long winter months. It will also encourage rot to form at the roofline. For this messy job, wear gloves and practice ladder […]

Pizzerias in Houston: The 10 Best Pizza Places

TYPES OF PIZZAS POPULAR IN HOUSTON Pizza is, for many people, the ultimate comfort food. It can be a simple and straightforward slice of pepperoni with plenty of mozzarella. But pizza is also very versatile–in Houston, you can find traditional Neapolitan pizzas made with buffallo mozzarella, parmesan, and tomatoes. Of course, there’s also New York-style […]

The Fix-and-Flip Market Is Booming in 2021

The fix-and-flip market is red hot right now, and investors are reaping the benefits. In late 2020, ATTOM Data Solutions reported that house-flipping profits reached their highest level in 20 years. In 2020, flipped homes generated a gross profit of $66,300 nationwide – up from $62,188 in 2019. While investors saw a gross profit of $66,300, that translated into […]

Building my Local Mortgage Broker Team

In the early days of running my own mortgage broker business, it’s natural to try to do as much as possible myself. It’s the most cost-effective, comfortable, sensible way to do things in the beginning. But as my mortgage brokerage services and clients grow, I found myself stretched thinner and thinner. Eventually, I found out […]