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How to complete the application in less than 15 minutes

10 Things NOT to do or It could disqualify you

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This application should take you 10-15 minutes to complete. If you find yourself stuck on a section, or unsure how to complete it, simply leave it blank or put in your best estimate. E-Mail us when you are complete with the sections you were uncertain about. We can make any changes on my end if appropriate. You’re not sitting down across the table from a stuffy banker. There is nothing (within reason) that you can do on this application that will hurt your chances of obtaining financing.

Once you complete the application, please look for the Task section to upload the documents below for the pre-approval process:

  1. Most recent pay stubs that cover the last 30 days, if applicable
  2. Latest 2 years of W2s or 1099s
  3. Latest 2 months bank statements
  4. Copy of Driver Licenses
  5. Latest 2 years Federal Tax Returns

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Opt-Out of Spam/Marketing Calls/EMails

Opt-Out of Spam/Marketing Calls/EMails

When we pull your credit, the 3 credit bureaus will sell your contact information to lesser mortgage companies. These companies spam consumers who have recently had their credit pulled. I never submit your personal contact information to the credit bureaus, but in most cases, they already have it. If you would like to reduce the likelihood of this happening, you can go here to be placed on the National Do Not Call Registry. It takes 60 seconds.

Credit Freezes

If your credit scores are currently frozen, please lift the freeze. It is unlikely that we will need it lifted more than a few days, but if you want to eliminate any chance of having to lift it again, please lift the freeze for 45 days.


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